Must See Places in Palmerston North


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Challenge 2

Palmerston North is not to big and not to busy. You would love to live here!!!!

You would find a nice house and you would make lots of friends.   If  you were to live here you would be able to go shopping really easily because there are lots of shops!!!!!! If you were to visit Palmerston North you should go to the plaza because it is a nice place to shop and hang out.

There is also lots of lunch places to eat and just talk to friends. It’s big but sort of busy and there are about 148 shops and some of the most popular shops are Smiggle, Kmart, Eb games, Glassons, J Jays, Whitcoulls, Diva, Hannah’s  and bling!!!

You should also visit the Square and the Esplanade. You should also visit the wind mills because there are a lot of them and you get a great view of Palmerston North.

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nice it sounds like fun what country leave me a comment at my blog do you live near a big town?

I live in New Zealand. The Closest big town I live near is Wellington!!!!!!!

Whats you biggest town? Where do you live??????

Thanks for the comment

G’day Hannah,
Great post on Palmerston North. When I was last visiting NZ, I went through there on my way to a relatives up near the lakes. I saw the wind turbines, they were enormous.

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Hi Hannah,

This is a lovely description of your town. We have windmills in California too. They are giant! There are many of them on a hill near San Francisco and on the way to the desert east of Los Angeles.

I absolutely love your avatar too. I see that it is snowing on your blog. Our blog won’t start snowing until December when winter comes. Do you get snow in Palmerston North?

Thanks again for the wonderful post 🙂

Mr. Miller

I really like your post about Palmerston North…I mentioned you on one of my posts about articles I liked from people. I like the snow too! I would love to go there one day! I am from Ontario, Canada! It gets chilly here too in the winter, but I like it. I can’t imagine living in California, USA or Africa! It would be too hot! Besides snow is fun to play with! By the way I am in Grade 7.

Hi Hannah my name is tikota,i think your blog was really kool and i love your avatar. I am in the seventh grade and i love it. What grade are you in? Visit my blog it is really kool. (but not as kool as yours)

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