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I went to Owlcatraz and saw the farm animals, birds and we saw the glow worm caves. We learnt so much about each animal at the park.

*Alpacas are not related to Llamas
*Glow worms don’t have ears but their body in a ear drum!!!
*Glow worms have much better hearing than humans.
*There are lots of types of Weka!

We had lunch a picnic lunch at Owlcatraz and we took a tour round the park. We had a great time and I can’t wait till we go next time.

Here are some pics of what we saw.

New Year


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I am soooooooooooooo excited about going back to school because I really miss learning in our class room. I also miss my Classmates and my teacher.

Me and my brother got a laptop to share and I get to use it in class so I hope that will help me increase my learning abilities.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday and spending lots of time with family.
I can’t wait to get back to school and catch up with my classmates!!!!

How about you leave me a comment to tell me what our up to.



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Christmas Christmas Christmas It was great I got heaps of prezzies. My gifts were A Ipod Touch, Plasma Ball,Traveling Mug, Whitcoulls Voucher, X2 Warehouse Vouchers, Lots of lollies and chocolate, Lots of soaps and perfumes, A book from the school book fair (Pick ‘n’ Mix)
And lots of others but I can’t remember!!!!!!

I loved spending time with my family because we caught up with each others life!!!

Can everyone leave a comment and tell me what you got!!!!


Term 4 Evaluation


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Term four has whizzed by and we can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas. Just like every other term, we have been extremely busy with lots of different experiences and exciting learning.
Some highlights for us have been Seed2Table with Joy. We loved going into the kitchen every Friday and enjoyed the surprise of the menu each week. Some of the skills we learned included dicing, chopping, trying new foods, whisking, mixing, planting, weeding, and identifying plants. By far, the best part was celebrating our achievements and going to Ross Intermediate for our final week – the dessert (Eton mess) was definitely a big hit!
Athletics day was a great day filled with lots of activity and fun. We pushed ourselves to the limits to achieve the best that we could. Kiwi house won the overall points!
At the start of Term 4 we all completed PAT tests. Without exception, every single member of Digibots made significant improvement on their results. Approximately one-third of us were assessed at 2years above our current level and still did extremely well – what stars!
The end of term has seen us celebrating all of our wonderful achievements. We had Monday Fun-Day to celebrate great learning. This included wearing pjs, shared lunch, waterslide, treasure hunt, game of flags and a movie.
Reports went home on Tuesday and we were able to share with our families the fabulous progress we have made in 2011.

Happy holidays!

Have a safe and happy holiday!!!!

Monday Funday


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On Monday we had Monday funday it was totally awesome because we had a water slide in the rain. I really liked the water slide and I wished that every day was Monday Funday!!
We got to wear our PJ’S it was funny because people were staring at us I think that they thought that we had forgotten to get dressed.
I had heaps of fun. I didn’t like watching the movie because the projector doesn’t show much colour it just looked like a black screen!!!!

We started the day with a game of Flags in our PJ’s it was awesome because I kept falling over. The team I was in won yeah!!!
After that we had a scavenger hunt it was really challenging because we had kept reading the numbers backwards. But once we had accomplished the scavenger hunt we got three Fruit Bursts that Millar had bought. Thanks Millar for getting the lollies!!!
I really liked the shared lunch because there were heap of strawberries with chocolate on them yum yum!!!!!

Monday funday on PhotoPeach

Flat Stanley


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WALT: Think outside the square and write creatively
Success Criteria:

* Words that are imaginative and maybe made up!
* Use imagery – create a picture in peopleʼs minds
* Use a range of language features e.g similes, adjectives,
* metaphors
* Ideas are going to be original
* Some ideas will be shared and used in different way

Task: Write a creative story about a ʻDay in the Life of…ʼ your character

1. Brainstorm/ Planning
2. Name your character/s
3. Set the scene – where is your story going to take place?
4. Your character needs to become flat or invisible somehow…How does this happen? When does it happen?
5. Introduce and describe the physical features of your character… Make the reader be able to picture in their mind what your character looks like.

This is a voice recording of my Flat Stanley I think that I used my Grammar really well and if I was to do this task again I would change the scene and the type of message it says.

Week 7 Reflection


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Guess What: This week Millar went to Inter school athletics and he came third in Long Jump WELL DONE MILLAR!

On Monday We have got Monday Funday we have got a treasure hunt, water slide, Kung Fu Panda 2 the movie and heaps of games. We also have to wear our P.Js YEAH.

What: This week we have been working on our blog checklists so we can all be part of Monday Funday. I have been working on finishing my Multi Media Mission with Madeline.

So What: This week I have learned not to talk to friends while working on my blog checklist. I have learnt to work as a buddy group really well.

Now What: Next week I would like to have heaps and heaps of fun on Monday Funday because it is a end of year celebration.

Ross Intermediate Visit


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This week we went a cooked it Ross Intermediates school kitchen. This week in the kitchen we served Stuffing Balls, Chicken meatballs and Mini Hunza Pies and for dessert we had Eton Mess.

A few ingredients we used this week are listed underneath:

Onion, Parsley, Rosemary, Meringue, Strawberries, Silver Beet, Thyme and Tomato.

This week I am really proud of how my group worked together and told each other what we were up to and what part of the recipe we were doing!!!

My thoughts on the food this week were that I didn’t really like the Mini Hunza Pies because there was to much silver beet and the pastry was very floury!!

I can,t wait till we do Seed 2 Table next year and I wonder what delicious food we will be making!!!

Week 7 Goal


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What: This week I would like to finish all my tasks that I need to finish.

Why: Because I really want to join in on Monday Funday.

How: I will achieve this by trying really hard and concentrating on my work and not talking to my friends!!

My Bird Art


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W.A.L.T. To use water colours  effectively.

Success Criteria:

  • I have used watercolours to make a background, blending yellow and red
  • Dabbed background to make it have a ‘splotchy’ effect
  • Contrasting colours between background and foreground (bird)
  • I have a bold vivid outline
  • My picture has an interesting range of shapes
  • I have used pastels to colour in shapes with vibrant colours
  • My bird is an abstract design (not realistic)

With Nicole we have been making Bird Art. For the background we had to blend Yellow and Red and we had to make it splotchy. I think I did this really well because it looks like a messy dog print picture.

We had to make a bird and put shapes in the body of the bird. Then we used pastel in the shapes on the beak, tail, feet and the wings. I think I used really bright colours so it would stand out to my audience.

I wanted to do a baby Owl because it was so cute and chubby.  I got the idea off a website that I looked up it had the sketch of the baby owl so I tried to draw it!!! I think my circle bits were really good because I used an circle shaped object to trace.

My bird is an abstract design  (Not Realistic) Here is a picture of my Bird Art I hope you like it. Please leave a comment!!!



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